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Using the UPASMART® world premiere, unoTech® GmbH contributes to sustainable waste management.

Niederlangen. Digitalization is a trend and an innovation driver, comprising an increasing number of industries and concerning all social and economic walks of life. The digitization of recyclables becomes increasingly important in the wake of ecologically necessary and politically desired efforts to save energy and fossil fuels as well as the preservation of geogenic resources. Here, digitization offers new opportunities for which only unoTech®, as a part of the disposal and recycling industry, found a useful application. 

At the IFAT in Munich, the manufacturer of channel baling presses unoTech® GmbH, a company of the LM-GROUP, presents UPASMART® as a world premiere and thus the first channel baling press which is equipped with artificial intelligence for an optimum baling of secondary raw materials. Among others, this new technology aims at an increase in the energy efficiency of channel baling presses. 

THE RESEARCH PROJECT. The LM-GROUP dealt with to the digitization issue already in 2015. Together with the Bremen university, the LM-GROUP started a research and development cooperation promoted by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. The R&D project is aimed at using artificial intelligence for controlling the process parameters of the channel baling press such that, among others, an optimized bale can be produced. Within the research and development project, the fully automatic channel baling press, the UPASMART® was produced on the basis of artificial intelligence.

“With UPASMART®, the first AI-based channel baling press, we achieved a goal and made a significant step towards sustainable waste management: Energy-efficient plant equipment for the environment and companies.”

THE COMPANY. Since its foundation in 2007 the unoTech® GmbH has been an innovative developer and manufacturer of automatic channel baling presses and thus developed eight different series of baling presses which meet the highest level of the state-of-the-art. 

According to the current state-of-the-art, the presses, when purchased, have a specified number of settings/machine parameters (recipes).

Depending on the material, the operator can adjust these recipes by a touch of a button or a selector switch. Default recipes, which unoTech® compiled of variable process parameters, are the result of long-standing experience and engineering performance.

The next stage of evolution provides intelligent control of the channel baling press for improving the bale weights and saving energy at the same time. Methods of artificial intelligence help us produce optimum bales in the area of compaction.


“By integrating AI-based control, we can achieve fully automatic and optimal operation of the plant, both in terms of energy input and the qualities to be produced.”
Michael Ludden, Managing partner of the LM-GROUP



  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Automatically produced optimum bale 
  • Individual definition of the criteria with respect to the desired bale quality
  • Assurance of the selected output qualities 
  • Production of integral bales
  • Continuous acquisition and evaluation of all process data
  • Simple labeling of bales
  • Assurance of data security
  • Saving of operating personnel
  • High operational safety
  • System updates by continuously acquired training data
  • Data on the state of the press and operating data as well as the energy consumption can be retrieved
  • Detailed maintenance messages on the maximum availability and optimal press operation



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