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A total number of 2.5 kilometres of implemented conveying equipment complete the circle for lightweight packagings at Gernsheim.

Bergisch Gladbach. Sutco RecyclingTechnik GmbH, one of the world‘s largest and most successful manufacturers of treatment and sorting systems for waste management, made a major contribution to the design and implementation of sorting systems for lightweight packagings (LWP) at the Gernsheim site. Commissioning one most modern automatic sorting systems for LWP in Europe, the Sutco engineering company, a company of the LM-GROUP, has created a system which can sort record-setting volumes of lightweight packagings in such a pure manner so that they can be used efficiently for the manufacture of new products.

THE PROJECT. In spring 2017, the “MEILO Gesellschaft zur Rückgewinnung sortierter Wertstoffe mbH & Co KG” placed an order with Sutco RecyclingTechnik GmbH for the construction of an automatic waste sorting plant at the Hessian Gernsheim site to sort the waste thrown by the citizens into the yellow bin or the yellow bag to return approximately 120,000 tons of packaging materials and as many recyclables as possible to the recycling circuit annually. The core objective of progressive waste management is to profit as largely as possible from the collected waste. Primarily, this concerns the preservation of natural resources and thus the preservation of the environment. An efficient circular economy cannot be spoken of until a maximum of recyclables is recycled effectively. 

The property of 32,000 square metres at Gernsheim is used to treat packaging waste. Using advanced sorting equipment, this waste is separately sorted after approximately 2.5 kilometres of a conveyance distance and is pressed to form bales which can be returned to recycling industry. 

118 conveyor belts, 32 acceleration belts, 3 chain belt conveyors, one apron belt, 5 wind sifters, 4 overbelt magnets, 3 trommel screens, 4 ballistic separators, 20 NIR systems, 2 channel
baling presses and much more were installed by Sutco at Gernsheim to achieve the desired throughput rate per hour (22 Mg/h). The state-of-the-art sorting system sets a standard for the sorting depth and sorting accuracy, additionally meeting the requirements of the new Packaging Ordinance with respect to the required rates and an adaptation to new sorting fractions. Regarding the desired recycling targets and the increasing demand for high-quality secondary raw materials, Sutco has consistently designed the cutting-edge LWP sorting system at Gernsheim for the production of secondary raw materials.

THE COMPANY. Having installed more than 470 reference plants worldwide, the Sutco RecyclingTechnik GmbH, a company of the LM-GROUP, is one of the largest manufacturers of treatment and sorting systems for the waste industry. Since 1985 the plant engineering company has specialized in the development, production, installation, commissioning, after-sales service and maintenance of recycling plants. 

In addition to the protection of the environment and climate, the protection of resources and health is a major concern of waste treatment. Regardless of household waste, industrial waste, packaging waste, waste paper, mixed construction debris, slag from waste incineration plants and other materials - Sutco RecyclingTechnik can prepare the perfect recycling concept for every area. All from one company as a turnkey solution. 

As far as the organic fractions of household waste is concerned, Sutco can achieve a significant reduction in volume and masses as well as the desired minimization of harmful materials and a stabilization of the waste. 

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